Hilltop I | Westgate

Hilltop Project Update

Two public meetings were held in the Hilltop project area. This project area includes two sub areas, the meeting for Palmetto Westgate was held at Parkview Methodist on October 9, 2019 and the meeting for Eureka Fremont was held at Burroughs Elementary on October 10,...

Feedback Being Utilized from Hilltop Public Meeting

A 30% design public meeting was held in Hilltop and designers are currently using community feedback to finalize plans for this area. Residents in this area will receive additional information and have the opportunity to provide more feedback when we reach the 60%...


Regional Basins Location Map
Green Infrastructure Facilities
Eureka/Fremont Renderings
Holton/Eureka Renderings

The Four Pillars of The Blueprint Columbus Project