Please note that construction schedules are subject to change due to weather, site issues, etc.

Reference this Construction MAP to view the impacted construction areas for next week.

Unsure about which is your area? Visit the Blueprint map and type in your address to find out!

Please remember, Blueprint Columbus is funded by the City of Columbus’ Department of Public Utilities. There is no direct cost for any of our services to the residents. We have received reports there are private contractors in the area soliciting for similar work. If you are solicited about any work related to sump pumps, lateral lining, or downspout redirection, contact our Outreach Team to confirm you are in a Blueprint Neighborhood and will be receiving FREE services.

New Updates

Sump pump installations are offered for a limited time only! We have a few spots left on our list! If you are interested, contact us ASAP and we’ll schedule your no-obligation assessment to see if a sump pump is right for you!

Overbrook Chatham

  • There will be crews working on lateral lining on the following streets:
    • Glenmont Ave
    •  Yaronia Dr
    • Northridge Rd.
  • OBA will be conducting investigations on downspouts throughout the entire project area.

Cooke Glenmont

  • Musson Brothers will be lining laterals on Canyon Dr.
  • MCSP will be scheduling downspout investigations and installations throughout the project area

Project Status

Weisheimer Indian Springs

  • All private property improvements have been completed.
  • Rain gardens will continue to have monthly cleanout/maintenance performed.

Blenheim Glencoe

  • Eramo will continue to conduct routine maintenance on the rain gardens.
  • Private property investigations for downspout redirection and lateral lining for this area begin early 2020. Residents will receive a letter when this area is “activated”.
  • From Department of Public Service: Glencoe Rd. Resurfacing Update
    • Glencoe Rd. paving update:  Paving on Glencoe is complete.
  • From Department of Public Service: Blenheim Road resurfacing Update
    • The City of Columbus makes critical investments in street resurfacing projects like Blenheim to improve the quality of our roadways and infrastructure that residents depend on every day. Relocation of the main gas line on Blenheim by Columbia Gas must be completed before the city rebuilds and paves the street so the utility construction doesn’t tear up a newly resurfaced street. Delays in Columbia Gas completing the main gas line relocation have pushed the Blenheim resurfacing project to next spring. Columbia Gas will be working on the relocation this fall and winter.
  • From Department of Public Service: Arden Road resurfacing Update
    • The Department of Public Service will work with the contractor to set the schedule in the spring for the Arden Rd. rebuild/resurfacing. When weather permits in the spring, the contractor can start the concrete work for new curb and then street construction will follow as temperatures warm up.
    • For questions on this work, please contact 311 (645-3111)

Schreyer Springs

  • Facemyer has completed all project work within the project work zone. Rain gardens will continue to have a monthly cleanout/maintenance performed on them.
  • Downspout installations are complete.
  • Lateral Lining will begin in 2020.

Morse Dominion

  • Shelly and Sands have completed all rain garden work and will continue to maintain the rain gardens on a monthly basis.
  • BLD and OBA have both completed their private property work(lateral lining and downspout work).

General Notices

  • Several streets are slated for repaving in conjunction with Department of Public Service. Repaving schedules are currently being finalized with the contractor in most areas. When Blueprint receives schedule information from the Department of Public Service, we will also include that information in these notices.
  • The rain gardens are designed to drain in 48 hours or less. Some standing water within the garden after a rain event is normal. However, if the rain gardens are overflowing or have standing water for more than 2 days, please report that to or 311.
  • Just like a normal storm drain, the rain gardens can’t do their job if leaves/debris are piling up and blocking water from entering the inlet. Our crews will clear these inlets during regular maintenance, but if you see leaves piling up and blocking the rain garden inlets, feel free to push them aside to allow rainwater to enter. And, as always, remember to keep leaves and yard waste out of the streets as much as possible.

Please contact 614-645-1253 or with any questions you may have. If you have an emergency, please call 614-645-8276 for Water or 614-645-7102 for Sewers.